Current Exhibition

MYTH ปรัมปรา

Exhibition by Pat Yingcharoen

5th – 26th April 2018

The exhibition “MYTH” of Pat Yingcharoen is the telling of the story from the past, the events in history to reflect the present through the point of view of the artist by using the “image” from the past including photos, artworks, prints, and etc. Then he recreating it with the process of art by adding, taking away, or put them all together. Theology is branch of knowledge which’s associate with using objective information both logic and reason to understand and interpret some aspects beyond its own boundaries or we can conclude briefly that theology is subject of using knowledge for revealing something beyond knowledge itself. In the past, human being tried to understand various things that we couldn’t completely control for the purpose of surviving safely in dangerous nature, as well as learning to understand and pleasing gods to avoid disaster.... Read More

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