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Exhibition by Phadungsak Kheawpong

9th- 30th August 2017

Human being is social animal and tends to live in large complex societies. Humans are apt to use communication systems to express their feelings. It is necessary to create an ideal world where humans are meant to direct living space and a social structure. This way leads to the domination of human. The behavior that simulates and creates the territory that the human race desires is normal. The growth of human civilization expands the area and affects the ecosystem. Get close to the ecological catastrophe. He want to learn how to think of human life through history and human behavior. By communicating through the look of traditional painting with the style of Baroque-Rococo painting. There is a narrative in terms of expression similar to the play, which is interpreted through the concept of presentation techniques used by people, animals, objects in the context in which define the story.... Read More

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Thai Tiger

Artist by Sutee Kunavichayanont

Category : Mixed Media Art

Year: 2009


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