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Under my skin

Exhibition by Krissadank Intasorn

7th – 28th April 2018

“Under My Skin” art exhibition is the latest collection of paintings by Opal –Krissadank Intasorn that were created by his motivation of his memories with the media such as the classic Disney’s cartoons or animations, horror movies, and even fantasy sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park which were the artist’s favorite since he was young. All those media still keep on playing the impressive scenes inside his head just like a tattoo long lasting underneath the skin and always influence him new idea to create more new artworks. “Under my skin” is still a mention of his versatile personalities and the self-opened into “Opal’s world” the 2D world that intensely explain the true self of Opal which is a mixtures between the Lanna style painting as his origin and Pop culture. He created his own style by these parallel cultures to a brand new hybrid art called “Pop-Lanna Art” which has a very shining style of its own. “Under my Skin” once you see it, the taste of its art experience will never forget.... Read More

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