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Molten love melt into happiness สุข.รัก.ละลาย

Exhibition by Chaiporn Panichrutiwong

3th – 24th March 2018

The exhibition Molten love melt into happiness of Chaiporn Panichrutiwong is a re-collaboration with Number 1 Gallery after the exhibition “Happiness” in 2016. The exhibition “Molten into happiness” is the acrylic on canvas style artwork that shows love and happiness whether it will be a living or non-living things. “Our happiness emanates from our own individual preferences depended on our individual growing up experiences, such as ourchildhood, upbringing or influence from living in the society. Those are elements that would liquefy into certain lives, loves and preferences. Some might love something wholeheartedly they could not disregard their intense affection toward certain things like toys, cartoon characters, pets, movies with great impacts on their emotions, or even the love of sitting still watching water flows. Such emotions can be deeply intense and canirrevocably molten into individual aesthetic reveries” ... Read More

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