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Exhibition by Tewaporn Maikongkeaw

7th- 28th October 2017

“Around” it is an exhibition which conduct the stories of society nowadays, living in the complicated situations such as racing for the best, risk for their beloved occupation that they can’t escape, the globalization of tradition from foreign country, the seeking for love from people around them, the fight to survive the society of desire. The society in 2017 were fluenced by Social Media and has a huge effect for the people’s mind in the society. The oil color artworks of Tewaporn were using many symbols, for instance the artwork “Climbing” that were about the beautiful society in the past has turned into the society of racing and fighting for the best and do not care if they are right or wrong.... Read More

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Thai Tiger

Artist by Sutee Kunavichayanont

Category : Mixed Media Art

Year: 2009


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