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The Monkey's Wedding

Exhibition by Rattana Khunkaew

9th- 25th August 20174

After the exhibition “The Monkey Show” in the year 2015. The artwork is the acrylic on canvas which tell stories of the society from his point of view by showing through the monkey show with our familiar phrase which is “Life is a show” The word implies the life in the society which has different roles in different scene of the society and perfectly hide the story behind the curtain just like the monkey show which meant to be the funny show for the laughter and happiness but behind that are the cruelty from human that threat them to play their roles and do their job. Humans are also threatened by the society to learn and polish their behavior to survive in the society.... Read More

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Thai Tiger

Artist by Sutee Kunavichayanont

Category : Mixed Media Art

Year: 2009


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