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Charles LaBelle

Born  :  1964, Dearborn, Michigan.  Lives and works in Hong Kong.





1988         -  B.A., University of California, Los Angeles






2011         -  Charles LaBelle, Number One Gallery, Bangkok


                  -  Charles LaBelle, Saamlung, Hong Kong


2010         -  Charles LaBelle, MobArt at the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, Hong Kong


                  -  Charles LaBelle, Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles


2009         -  Lines of Flight, Stage 1, Hong Kong


                  -  California Suite: Selected Works 1993 – 2009, Traywick Contemporary, Berkeley


2008         -  Charles LaBelle, Para/Site Central, Hong Kong


                  -  Charles LaBelle, Maass Gallery, Purchase College, NY


                  -  Polis / Persona, Lawrimore Project, Seattle


2007         -  Fieldworks, Tony Wight, Chicago


                  -  Sugar Hill Suite, Anna Kustera, New York


                  -  Buildings Entered 1997-2007, Traywick Contemporary, Berkeley CA


2006         -  Sugar Hill Suite, Tony Wight/Bodybuilder & Sportsman, Chicago


2005         -  Columbus Suite, Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus OH


2004         -  Miami Drift,  Lemon Sky, Miami


                  -  Driftworks, Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles


2003         -  Intervals + Intensities, Ten in One Gallery, New York


2002         -  Darkness and Light, Bodybuilder and Sportsman, Chicago


                  -  Holiday, Traywick Gallery, Berkeley


                  -  Dearborn, Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles


2001         -  Horror of Light, Pomona College Museum of Art, Pomona, CA (catalogue)


                  -  Sunset at Dawn, Rebecca Ibel Gallery, Columbus OH


2000         -  Illuminated Trees, Traywick Gallery, Berkeley


                  -  Disappearer, Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles (catalogue)


1999         -  Night Moves, Lemon Sky, Los Angeles (catalogue)


1998         -  Manifestation, Post Los Angeles


1997         -  Charles LaBelle, University of Texas, San Antonio Satellite Space, San Antonio, Texas


1995         -  Works on Paper, domestic setting, Los Angeles


1993         -  Colonies II, Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica


1992         -  Colonies, Philippe Briet Gallery, New York





2012         -  Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco


2011         -  Taking Time, Nou Gallery, Taipei


                  -  Size Matters, Walter Maciel Gallery, Los Angeles


                  -  Singapore Biennale, Singapore


2010         -  Charles LaBelle and Scott Ingram, Anna Kustera Gallery, New York


2009         -  Urban Alienation, Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong


                  -  Of People and Places, Louisiana State University Museum of Art, Baton Rouge


2008         -  The Silver Shed, New York


                  -  to: Night; Hunter College Art Galleries, New York


                  -  Road Trip, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose CA


                  -  Urbanity on Paper, Anna Kustera Gallery, New York


                  -  Person of the Crowd, Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY


2007         -  What a Beautiful Space You Have, Claremont College Museum of Art, Riverside, CA


                  -  The Uncertainty Principle, Northern Illinois University Museum, Dekalb IL


2006         -  Local Transit, Artist’s Space, New York


2005         -  In the Neighborhood of Infinity, Sixteen to One Gallery, Los Angeles


2004     -  In Focus: Themes in Contemporary Photography, Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo


                  -  Rimbaud (curated by Max Henry), I-20 Gallery, New York


                  -  Topographies, San Francisco Art Institute (traveled, catalogue)


2003         -  I am a curator, Chisenhale Gallery, London


                  -  Justine LaCroix, Marseille


2002         -  Cut, Colored, Pulled and Burnt, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago


Glow:        -  Aspects of Light in Contemporary American Art (curated by Francis Colpitt), ArtPace and University of Texas,                      San Antonio (travelled, catalogue)


                  -  Liminal Spaces, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York


2001         -  ... a preacher and a bible..., Galerie La Friche, Marseilles, France


                  -  In Through the Outdoors, Traywick Gallery, Berkeley, CA


                  -  Wattage & Friendship, Muller-DiChiara Gallery, Berlin


                  -  In the City (Curated by Lorelei Stewart), Gallery 400, Chicago


                  -  Travelogue, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana


                  -  Ken Fandell and Charles LaBelle, Bodybuilder and Sportsman, Chicago


2000         -  Under the Influence: New Art from LA, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City


                  -  Charles LaBelle & Chris Sauter, Sala Diaz, San Antonio


                  -  Cleaning Up,  University of Southern California Art Gallery, Los Angeles


                  -  Utopia, Rogaland Kunstmuseum, Stavanger, Norway (catalogue)


                  -  Night Moves, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum


1999         -  Venus, Ehemals Raum Brasilica, Vienna


                  -  The Mourning After, Barnsdale Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles (catalogue)


1998         -  Some Related Areas (curated by Brad Spence), Art Gallery, University of California Irvine


                  -  Wings of Desire,Walter McBean Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco


1997         -  CA 9001-185, W139, Amsterdam, Netherlands


1996         -  True Bliss, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles (catalogue)


1995         -  Its Only Rock 'n Roll (curated by David Rubin), Contemporary Arts Center,Cincinnati, Ohio  (catalogue,                   traveled)


                  -  Rezone, DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas


1994         -  Let the Artist Live, Exit Art/The First World, New York


                  -  For Your Pleasure......, Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica


                  -  Altered Egos , Santa Monica Museum of Art (catalogue)


                  -  Mapping (curated by Frances Colpitt), University of Texas, San Antonio Art Gallery, San Antonio


                     (catalogue, traveled)


                  -  Le Temps d'un Dessin, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Lorient, France (catalogue, traveled)


1993         -  Poverty Pop, Exit Art/The First World, New York


1992         -  In Flux, Gallery 400, Chicago


                  -  Evidently, Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, New York


                  -  Fever, Exit Art/The First World, New York (traveled)


                  -  A/C Project Room, New York


                  -  Crusoe (Refiguring Reality), Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, New York





2007         -  MacDowell Colony Fellow


2006         -  Lower Manhattan Cultural Center, Swing Space Grant


2003         -  Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Study and Conference Center Fellow


                  -  Triangle France/ La Friche de la Belle de Mai Residency, Marseilles, France


                  -  Los Angeles Metropolitian Transit Authority Project Award


2000         -  Getty Trust Fellowship


1995         -  Art Matters Fellowship



Artist’s Books



2011         -  “Corpus,” MCCM Creations, Hong Kong


                  -  “Architecture from the Outside,”  Ood Press, Los Angeles/ Rio de Janeiro








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Public and Private Collections


Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Berkeley Art Museum; Albright Knox Gallery, Buffalo; Santa Barbara Museum of Art; Deautsche Bank Collection; The Stuart & Judy Spence Collection; Microsoft Collection; Hewlett-Packard Collection; Nationwide Collection; Banana Republic Collection



Exhibitions :

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Charles LaBelle

by Charles LaBelle

December 17th,2011 - January 25th, 2012

Artworks :

Untitled no.1, 2011, Drawing installation,
Untitled no.1, 2011
Drawing installation,
Untitled no.2, 2011, Drawing installation,
Untitled no.2, 2011
Drawing installation,
Untitled no.3, 2011, Drawing installation,
Untitled no.3, 2011
Drawing installation,
Untitled no.4, 2011, Drawing installation,
Untitled no.4, 2011
Drawing installation,
Untitled no.5, 2011, Drawing installation,
Untitled no.5, 2011
Drawing installation,
Untitled no.6, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.6, 2011
Untitled no.7, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.7, 2011
Untitled no.8, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.8, 2011
Untitled no.9, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.9, 2011
Untitled no.10, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.10, 2011
Untitled no.11, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.11, 2011
Untitled no.12, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.12, 2011
Untitled no.13, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.13, 2011
Untitled no.14, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.14, 2011
Untitled no.15, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.15, 2011
Untitled no.16, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.16, 2011
Untitled no.17, 2011, Drawing,
Untitled no.17, 2011